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Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert

Happy International Women’s Day!

The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.

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Remember when life was new and so was the romance? Then the currents of life sweep us away to places we did not plan on going; and, like good little boys and girls, we allow it without complaint and go with a flow that always seems to take us back to the same drab, boring places. 

We put in our time; then we clock out. We go back to our little huts and rest ourselves, and for nothing more exciting than another day of the same thing.  If that’s all life is; then what’s it all about? If there is no romance, no playtime, and no beauty to enjoy; why are we here? Do we just give in to the humdrum and live out our days without ever really experiencing what this world has to offer?

 Or do we stop and do something sporadic and lifechanging? I like the sound of the latter option.  

What harm can come from a little fun and relaxation?

 The sun is shining and sparkling white caps run up to the shoreline, playing tag with the white sand on the beach. A light breeze is blowing from the south. It’s a perfect day to call in sick, pack a suitcase, and just go anywhere but here. 

Adventure awaits those of us who are willing to get out of our little boxes and find it. So let’s go exploring until we find the paradise that awaits us on some distant shore.

Thinking of a new start up! What a better way to spend your days at Sea by offering newly weds a set sail honey moon  excursion. As the captain you can be creative in planning this romantic getaway as the most memorable honeymoon  new couples to reflect on for years to come.






Carpe diem. Seize the day. A sunny day. A rainy day. A cold day. A hot day. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside, working out is always in season. There is never a time when getting into great physical shape isn’t a good idea.  

Working out has been the way I cope with life in general. When a relationship failed, I could be found at the gym pumping iron. If I had a stressful day at work; a good hard work out would help me wind down without the negative side affects that come with other forms of relaxation such as drinking.

 If I’m feeling sluggish and tired; a good exercise schedule can bring me right out of that funk with those daily doses of naturally occurring adrenaline. If my sex life is a bit drab; lifting weights and running on the treadmill increases my sexual appetite so that my partner cannot help but notice the difference.  

To go alongside the idea of physical exercise, there can be other supplemental programs such as dietary changes and actively eliminating stress. 

Stress and a bad diet kill people; so we need more than just an increase in physical activity to give ourselves, not only longevity; but also a quality of life not found in the bottom of a potato chip bag or on the couch exercising with a remote control by flipping channels more often. If I’ve got time to contemplate my state of being; I’ve got time to do something about it.

Health and fitness are industries that will always be in demand of new breakthrough trends and tips. If you are a health or fitness expert then  BODY FIT NOW may be the domain name that's right for you! BodyFitNow.org





Wow! That was a great idea! Did I just think of that? Yep. I sure did. But did I do anything about it?  

What a grand world we live in.

 What an awesome place full of mystery and beauty and endless possibilities. What if every thought we entertained were profitable? Are there enough days in a year to live out every dream we have? Probably not. Time flies and, just like time, ideas do too.

 They come when we least expect them and inspire us to do great things, but so often we entertain them only for a brief moment and then we’re on to other things. We have an inspiration; and just for a moment we’re the kings and queens of enterprise. We’re unstoppable entrepreneurs with the world at our fingertips.

Seriously though, what if we took the time to do, say, or build all those things that we would otherwise just let slip through the cracks of our conscious mind down into the musty depths of our subconscious never to be seriously considered again. 

What if, instead of letting them go, we actually took those ideas and made something? I heard a friend say once that the only regrets he had were the things he didn’t try. So what’s stopping us? Why aren’t we doing those things we dreamed of as starry-eyed children full of hope and wonder? I know I don’t want to have to answer that question. Do you?

Imagine if everyone in the world used their great ideas to create and improve  the things around us. Just imagine where mankind could potentially be. Maybe it's your turn to capture the ideas of many and help set their wheels in motion! 





Kraveshoes dot com

Shoes are like wheels on a truck. The truck can be rusty and faded with torn seats and a cracked dashboard; but if it has nice wheels, nobody notices the rest. In the same way, the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Torn jeans, an old t-shirt, and a faded hat are just average apparel. But add a brand new pair of boots or name brand court shoes, and the whole outfit comes together.  

Back when I was in high school, I remember how shoes were a status symbol. Name brand court shoes were the earmark of coolness. Penny Loafers and Oxford shirts meant you had money; and old cowboy boots meant you lived on a farm.  

These days, shoes are still a major statement about who we are. They tell others a lot about our status, our wealth, and our position. They tell us what someone likes; what they hate; and where they live. Some folks buy them to add to an already large collection. Some folks have footwear to go with every hat they have. Some buy them for the kind of work they do. Still others color coordinate their shoes to go with their favorite sports team. 

But whatever the reason for seeking out your next stylish statement in foot apparel, we crave their comfort and coolness like a wino craves his next glass. So go buy yourself a pair and start your collection. Don't wait to check them out.






You thought of it; but you didn’t follow through and actually capture it. The idea was great. The colors were right. The impression it might have left on the eyes that saw it would have been deep; but somehow you didn’t finish the design in your head because you were afraid of rejection. So you wander from project to project only in your head because your fear won’t let you actually create it.  

This kind of fear I understand. This is the career paralyzing factor in every formula for failure. Before we can elevate ourselves above the average humdrum blah, blah, blah of bare bones existence, we must somehow overcome this fear.  “How do I do that?” one might ask.  

I believe it can only be done by creating that which we are afraid to create. That idea you had was good. The project you are contemplating is possible only if you actually put one foot in front of the other and move on it. Go grab the bull by its horns and see if what you’ve got isn’t worthy of existing. Grab your brush; seat your muse; and start painting. Before long the world will know you by your work. 

Your name will be forever etched into the minds of your biggest fans; and all it took was a little paint and a little courage. DesignCaptured.com




Candy image for CraftediCandi dot com domain

A cup of sugar and some vanilla. Now a dash of ginger. Here a sprig of Spanish Rosemary. The smells and tastes of homemade candies and confections are simply irresistible. 

Many are the times I watched my mother bake, boil, or otherwise finish a sweet creation from a few simple ingredients.

Not only were the candies and confections wonderfully sweet and flavorful; but she always made them beautiful to look at as well. From hand twisted marshmallow candy canes to Iced cookies shaped and colored to look like Christmas characters; her kitchen was always full of colors and smells to delight your senses. 


Time has passed, and I find myself often enjoying the use of the kitchen myself. My wife is the staple chef and I am the special occasion chef. I especially love to make candy. 

From the archives in my mind I make a valiant effort to give my children the same experiences that I had when I was young and innocent, and mommy could do no wrong in the kitchen.

 I twist and simmer, bake and boil. I sprinkle, roll, frost, and flip until their eyes sparkle just like I know mine did so long ago.


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