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Find Your 2018 Summer Glow | May 7th -June 17th

Blog Intro: Prepare to Celebrate Love by  Celebrating a Happy Mother's Day  Sunday May 13th. That's NOT all though, Summer's around the corner so let's get ready to have fun under the sun and enjoy being beautiful, beautifully you!


Hi everyone, Lytia here (site admin)! I've put together this quick video for you to check out if you are looking for an all day , worry free natural look. The Boy Beat look is great way to accentuate your natural beautiful features. Hopefully, you can use any neutral pale matte colors you may already have in your current makeup collection but if not I added product  info if you are interested.  Also, in next couple days, I will be  posting a blog  about my  #1 fav product used in this video!

My Fall Makeup Video (Bloopers included😊)

In this brief video, I share colors I have used from my Younique collection to create a soft Fall look. There are also a few  bloopers included so it's definitely more natural. Thank you in advance for watching. I hope you enjoy it. This is what happens when you record a video while your son plays Fortnite in the background. LOL