Amyana's Custom Slime | For Anytime



(Imagine) Monday - it's after school, your home to stay

It's time to study hard for classes the next day

Reading, more reading, focus is fading, then fading...

Time for a break to stimulate your brain from the cool, squishy feeling

....The cool  squishy feeling of SLIME

It can be scented, glittery, colorfully bold

Or liquidy, puddy-like and firm enough to mold

In little time, its your own creative thinking 

That has opened you to continue with learning

Fun Fact: Did you know students who have trouble with concentration can improve focus when fiddling with objects such as a squishy slime ball or silly putty. For more tips on how to help students with ADHD focus better visit edutopia website provided by the George Lucas Educational Foundation   

*Tell me what kind of slime can I make for you?

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Etsy Name: Moody's Magical Mem's

My Name is Amyana Moody

My quality customized slimes are made with toxic free ingredients, some with scented moisturizing beauty products, delivered at a low cost to your way.