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Beauty News | August 2018

Convenient New EPIC Subscription!

For many of us ladies, mascara is a must have.  Before I became a beauty consultant I remember running out of mascara, trying to get every last bit that I could out of the bottom of the tube. Having to run to the  store at the last minute just for beauty basics  when you need it is no fun.  Younique has started a wonderfully convenient subscription for women who use mascara regularly. Depending on your frequency of use, choose from 30 day, 45, 60 or every 90 days to have your Epic mascara shipped directly to you. Of all products to offer this service, this is one of the top products in demand with my clients.  I am so happy to be able to offer this subscription!

Defend Innocence | Let's Spread the Word

 In case you are new to my website and are unfamiliar with the Younique Foundation, let me first say this. The main reason why I chose to become a Younique consultant is because I learned about their long time and driven comittment to help victims of abuse. They not only raise millions of dollars to educate parents and caregivers around the world but they also host an annual retreat for adult victims to come and gain strength and new connections.

Younique has announced that right now until September 1st, by purchasing the Defend Innocence Kudos package this month your money will be used towards proceeds to help  the Younique Foundation provide abuse prevention resources and education to at least 3.3 million people around the globe. 

In return for your support during this time, you will receive a free gift.  If the Defend Innocence Kudos package does not contain anything of your interest, I do ask of all to please check out the web link below to learn about others ways you can help support & spread the word.

Thank you,

Asia Moody

Radiant Beauty Tips Summer Contest Winner

"Natural,Light & Chillin "- By D.Hines

"Natural,Light & Chillin "- By D.Hines

"Natural,Light & Chillin "- By D.Hines

1st Place Winner

Maybelline Fit Me (Toffee Caramel)- It's lightweight & although I have uneven skin tone,  it's easy to find my shade.

Revlon Liquid Eyeliner Felt Pen (black) - makes it easy to master my wings!

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Lots of Lashes- doesn't clump/ extends lashes! Easy to use! 

Hard Candy Pinking of You Eyeshadow- lots of  shimmer glowing neutral eyeshadow colors in pallette & long lasting 

1st Place Prize

"Natural,Light & Chillin "- By D.Hines

"Natural,Light & Chillin "- By D.Hines

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

Thank you D.Hines for sharing your Summer Look & Product Details in the Radiant Beauty Makeover Contest! We hope you enjoyed your free Lip Gloss, Skincare samples and 3D Fiber Lash Kit! 

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