Top 3 Reasons to Use Rose Water Toning Spritz, by L.Wilson

Rose water hydration

Daily Hydration

Daily hydration is such an important part of any beneficial skin care regimen. As for me, being in my Mid 40's has taught me to be wise with my skincare routine.  When I reached my mid 30's I began to experience dry, wrinkled skin and learned that it was time to begin  changing even the most basic of things in order to improve the condition of my skin. My shower & faucet water is now filtered  and I take extra caution to use products that are gentle , hydrating, moisturizing and protect my skin. As well my diet promotes healthy start from within. Younique's Rose Water Spray has been  a part of my daily  skincare for over a year now.  I use  a light spritz following my evening cleansing routine before bed, as a toning spray and setting spray before and after I apply my makeup. I also use it occasionally throughout hot summer days when I have been outdoors in the humidity and am in the need of a refreshing clean feel.

Royalty Rose Water Toning Spritz

Facial Toning Treatment

I have tried  several toners in my lifetime and have found some to either be a little too strong for my skin complexion causing dryness to occur in my combination skin and I also have found some more expensive brands to leave a slightly bit of greasy feeling behind.  This particular Rose Water spray is one of my definite must have's. It  corrects my skin's PH balance , smells great and does not leave me feeling dried out nor greasy.

Rose Water Toning Spritz

Setting Spray

Younique created the perfect spray pump for this purpose. It sprays an even fine/light mist  that is distributed just perfect without the need to rub  in  or remove any product from your face. It leaves you r skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and clean even after applying makeup. It's multipurpose action allows your makeup to remain set during hot summer days. I love to leave the house knowing I will not need to worry about my makeup smudging, smearing or looking worse than when I first applied it.