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"BEACH BABE" Designed by Asia Moody



Check it out! My 1st Custom Design Shoe!

"Beach Babe" by Asia Moody

Beach Babe Design Concept by Asia Moody  Made Possible by Alive Shoes   

I decided to sign up for a free member account with Alive Shoes last month after featuring designs from Krave Shoes.  I love the easy to use designer tool platform. As soon as I logged into my account for the first time, I was greeted with an starter guide that shows step by step how to plan my shoe design, find brand ambassadors, and take me through the marketing steps for later reading. I was very excited to try out the designer tools so I went right to the Dashboard. 

I was prompted first to choose the fashion style such as luxury, vintage, basic, etc. Next I had to name my shoe design (Beach Babe) and give a simple description before designing the shoe ( that part, I didn't like so much) would much rather design it , then name it last; but whatever, I moved on quickly within minutes. The 3 rd step took me directly to the designer tools where I was able to choose my base shoe, pick from variety of colors and materials. This was the fun part!

I also got to choose packaging designs and logos from a list of templates. I was informed that I would need to upgrade if I wanted to use my own custom logo and to have more options available in the designer tools for customization of the shoe and packaging. but I am sticking with the basics,'s free! To sum it up, after I submitted my design, I was contacted within 48 hours with an announcement that my design was approved, and even more great news that I received "staff pick", which means I get a free pair and only need to achieve 6 sales to reach the 30-day production goal, yey me! If your like me and you love shoes then I hope that you find this article interesting and will give Alive Shoe design a try. Also, please check out my Beach Babe shoes for the summer! I have coupon codes available, just reach out to me via email for $30 off  email or stay tuned in the next couple weeks, I may post  other offers.  If you missed my previous posts about custom designer shoes made possible by Alive Shoes, please take the time to read below to learn more about how it works. - Thank you ~ Asia Moody

About Alive Shoes and How it Works 

Last month I introduced some stylish summer sandals custom by Krave Shoes.  This month as I continue to feature  & write about  Krave Shoes, I decided to go ahead and give it a try . That is, the online  designer tools made possible by Alive Shoes.  If you missed any of my previous posts, here's a quick recap of how designer to production platform in this case works.

By using Alive Shoes online tools, designers are able to create a custom design and packaging for their Italian crafted shoe brand. Each new shoe design has 30 days to achieve 7 sales total to spark immediate production of all prior orders. If the featured shoe design does not meet 7 sales within the marked 30 day deadline, then all refunds are immediately reimbursed after the 30 day timer has been reached, which can be found in the designer shop.

Shoe designs that do meet 7 sales within the 30 trial period are then "kept alive" and made available for immediate order and production without any pre-qualifying limitations, for example;  such as the first pair of shoes introduced by Krave (Tassled High Heel Ankle Boot); unless ofcourse it is a Limited Edition design, made of  limited rare fabrics and designer materials.  Once the pre-order totals hit the 7th sale,  then all shoe orders get passed directly to traditional shoemakers of the Le Marche, Italy region where they are each hand crafted into long lasting, comfortable designer shoes that ship free to residents of the US and Europe.

Showing designer support through social media sharing and pre-order sales, gives new talented designers a chance to make their quality shoes come to life.